On the participation of Lyravlos
in the organisation of the Olympic Games of 2004


“These games were unforgettable, dream games…”
JACQUES ROGG, President of the International Olympic Games Committee

The international Community found the Athens 2004 Olympic Games exceptional from every aspect. The city of Athens and, Greece in general, gave the athletes and the guests a warm welcome.

Greece organized the Games at their birthplace and managed to unite the whole planet in a unique celebration in honor of the Olympic Spirit and civilization. There will certainly be better records than those achieved in the Athens 2004 Games; however, the sense of hospitality and the aesthetics of these Games will remain incomparable.

First and quite important among the festivities of the Olympic Games was the ceremony of the lighting of the Olympic Flame which took place at the archeological site of Olympia on the 25th March 2004. Panayiotis Stefos participated in this creative group in cooperation with the composer of the event George Chatzimichelakis. He created the sound environment by having young men use shells to create sound effects and the priestess rattling seistron during their dance at the end of the artistic part of the ceremony. The result of this work was in perfect harmony with the aesthetics of the Ceremony which is well attended by Mrs. Maria Hors for many years now.

On 16th June 2004 Lyravlos had the opportunity to participate in a concert in the central, historic amphitheatre of Sorbonne University in Paris. The vent was organized to celebrate the 110 years from the revival of the Olympic Games by Baron Pierre de Coubertin and Dimitrios Vikellas. This significant event took place under the auspices of the French Ministry of Culture and Athletics, the French Municipality, Athens Municipality, the Greek Embassy in Paris, the President of Sorbonne Mr. Jean Robert Piget and was organized by Mr. George Archimandrites, representative of the Greek-French Culture Club “Delphos”.

Besides, Lyravlos accepted the invitation of the Athens Municipality to participate in a series of cultural/artistic events under the title “The Whole City a Celebration” during the Games. The city of Athens rightfully claimed the title of a capital of culture and entertainment.

Lyravlos appeared in two other events organized at the Folk Musical Instruments Museum and the premises of the Hellenic Association for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage which are both located in the area of Plaka.

These events were a pleasant surprise for the Greeks and lots of tourists were enthusiastic about the events. The ensemble presented a wide variety of musical instruments, played them and led the audience to a musical trip full of melody, harmony and theatricality.

Finally Panayiotis Stefos and the wind instruments group ‘Anemos’ that he has created participated in the Opening of the Athens 2004 Paralympics.


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