Comments from Teachers

on the Educational Programs of Lyravlos

«You enchanted our students, and not only them! We too, the grownups, lived a unique experience; we wondered, we marveled, we traveled, we were touched… Thank you so much! We wish you to continue your work for many many creative years»

Greek-French School

«Original!, very interesting and exceptionally educational presentation; it’s worth for students but also for all Greeks, and not only! Congratulations! I wish all the educational programms had the quality of Lyravlos. Pupils and teachers felt real excitement. Thank you very much!»

3rd High-School of Chaidari

«Lyravlos’ presentation is a unique and valuable experience. It deserves all praise and promotion to all schools and to other places as well. Warm congratulations! Your program was impressive and indeed necessary!»

4th Elementary School of Argos

«So far we knew the ancient Greek instruments mostly by vessel depictions. Today we saw them, we touched them, we listened to them… we enjoyed them! Thank you for the quality of your work and for the educational manner of your presentation of ancient musical instruments. We felt you to be friends and helpers to the work of the school. Congratulations and warm Thanks!»

1st High-School of Argos

«Thank you for the musical trip you offered us. The experience we had today, was a marvelous musical trip in time, and it will be for some of us a chance to approach and be initiated to the wonderful world of Music… Congratulations!»

Elementary Schools of Vasilitsion and Korone

«I miss the words to describe the feelings that your work aroused in us! How is it possible for a man to have thought and to have gone so deep in our word “Musike”… To give to that word its real dimensions! Congratulations!»

4th High-School of Galatsi

«I am so grateful… you converted my sterile words at the lesson of ‘ancient Greek music’ to a wonderful experience for our pupils!»

High-School of Paeania

«You had as travel so far away… in time, in speech, in music… Thank you so much!»

3rd Elementary School of Alimos

«A distinctive show, full of sensitivity and beautiful, clear, Greek colour. Worth of Congratulations; it has to be an obligatory lesson in all Greek schools!»

“Byzantium” Private School