of Ancient Greek Music

LyrAvlos has participated in a number of concerts and performances and as a result its members have acquired a particularly rich repertoire. In practice this means that, depending on the occasion, LyrAvlos can offer a variety of musical themes and suggestions that could serve the purposes of each organized event, at the same time presenting ancient Greek reconstructed authentic musical instruments and ancient Greek music.

Concerts and music Festivals.

Very often LyrAvlos ensemble achieves a balanced combination of the above mentioned music kinds and puts emphasis on a particular kind, depending on the occasion. The awe-inspiring music fascinates the listener and familiarizes them with the instruments. The creation of new compositions proves the potential and the timelessness of the instruments as they enchant the listener by creating a magical atmosphere with their music.

Finally, the adaptation of popular well-known melodies helps the listeners to escape from any time or artistic conventions and allows them to experience the timeless essence of music.

Aesxylia Festival – Elefsina

A main suggestion is to present the surviving ancient Greek music pieces exclusively. Those music texts are the only authentic music heritage, that survived in a fragmentary form and unfortunately amount to only sixty-one music pieces. LyrAvlos presents a selection of those pieces emphasizing the best preserved ones.

LyrAvlos has enriched its repertoire by incorporating and presenting timeless melodies and traditional songs played with the ancient musical instruments. Popular music pieces and songs such as the Smyrneika, which were songs that originated in Smyrna, a major centre in Asia Minor, acquire a different potential as they are brought to life with the ancient and traditional Greek instruments.