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Lyravlos is recognised in Greece as well as abroad for a work not only of artistic and educational value, but also of important accomplishments in original research. From the Athens Hall of Music and the Warsaw Opera, from the Festival of Old Music in Stockholm and Corcoran Gallery in Washington, to the co-operation with the National Orchestra of Athens in the First Greek Musical Celebrations, to the participation in the festivities of the 2004 Olympic Games and with Universities as the Boston University, Sorbonne, Ionian University, University of Ioannina, also with more than 400 concerts and seminars in schools of all grades, Lyravlos has become identified to realize the most well documented effort towards the learning and promotion of the rich Ancient Greek musical tradition.

The fundamental aim of Lyravlos is to revive in a scientifically documented manner and to rightly promote the Ancient Greek music, by reconstructing the instruments which give life to the ancient sounds.

Here follow as indicative examples concerts given so far by Lyravlos.




2010 – 10 January: Moraitis School in Psychiko, Presentation of the show “With a vehicle of Music traveling to the Past, Present and Future” at the 1st Panhellenic Symposium: When the arts talk to each other in the school. Organization: Hellenic Association of Teachers of Cultural Affairs.

2010 – 24 January: Concert at the National Museum of Copenhagen. (Which the tomb stone with Seikilus song is stored.)

2010 – 5 .

2010 – 27






February: At the Archaeological Society at Athens. Presentation of the show “With a vehicle of Music traveling to the Past, Present and Future”. Organization: The Grand Charity of Greece.

2010 – 18 April: Presentation – a Concert of ancient Greek music at the Cultural-Sport Center of the city of Papagos, in collaboration with the distinguished conductor Dimitris Agrafiotis.

2010 – 18 April: Concert at the third symposium on ancient Greece, organized by the literary group “Ideopnoon. Held at the Cultural Center of Petroupolis, with key speakers from the world of Literature and Art.



2009 – 21 March: Athens, Parnassus Literary Society. Concert of ancient Greek music.

2009 – 5 April: Concert of ancient Greek music at the Cultural Center of Agria town.

2009 – 8 April: Volos. Concert of ancient Greek music Porfyrogeneio Cultural Center of the City of Agria.

2009 – 9 May: Athens, Presentation of the show “With a vehicle of Music traveling to the Past, Present and Future” at the 3rd International Congress of the Union of Educators of Musical Education of Primary Education.

2009 – 17 June: Athens, Concert of ancient Greek music and exhibition of ancient musical instruments at a pan-european conference.

2009 – 24 July: Concert of ancient Greek music at the archaeological site of Ancient Corinth, in front of the temple of Octavia.



2009 – 9 August: Lykaia 2009

2009 – 12 August: Folk Museum of Kokla in Messenia prefecture.

2009 – 31 August: Participation in “Thermopyleia” at Thermopylae.

30 to 31 October and 1 November 2009: Athens Concert Hall, 6th International Conference Of the Greek Union For Musical Education.



2008 – 5 April: Presentation of the show “With a vehicle of Music traveling to the Past, Present and Future” in the first two-day symposium on ancient Greece held at the Cultural Center of Petroupolis.

2008 – 13 & 14 June: Concert of ancient Greek music in Vrhnika of Slovenia at the annual celebrations of the city in honor of Argo and the Argonauts. Organization: City of Bernese, Greek Embassy in Ljubljana.

2008 – 21 June: Concert of ancient Greek music “Nemea 2008”.

2008 – 19 July: Concert of ancient Greek music at the Temple of Apollo Epikourios (town of Vasses in Arcadia).

2008 – 17 August: Agios Nikolaos, Crete. Concert of ancient Greek music at the archaeological site of Lato.

2008 – 19 September: Zappeion: concert at an International Conference.

2008 – 30 September: Melas Mansion (Athens): Concert at an International Conference.


2008 – 19 November: Athens, Concert Hall of Philippos Nakas Conservatory – “Ancient Instruments: New Sounds”




Athens 2007  
Ancient Greek Music concert at the Megaron of Music
21st International Ophthalmological Conference

3-3-2007 Corfu: A Presentation of the Ancient Greek Music and Instruments at the Greek Conference of the Union of Greek physicists.

6-3-2007 Athens: Participation of Lyravlos to the World Premiere of the movie “300”.

16-3-2007 Athens: A Presentation of the Ancient Greek Music and Instruments to students and professors of Berkeley College of Music (Phil. Nakas Conservatoire).

25-3-2007 Athens: A concert with Ancient Greek Music and also new compositions at the European Conference of doctors (Caravel Hotel) in the presence of the Greek Minister of Health, Mr D. Avramopoulos.

8-6-2007 Athens: A Presentation of the Ancient Greek Music and Instruments to the Paneuropean Radiologist Conference (European society of thoracic imaging) at the Roman Forum.

24-6-2007 Leipzig: A Concert at the International Conference on Ancient Greek Music (Mendelssohn Haus). Lyravlos performed the surviving compositions of Ancient Greek Music, and also modern works composed by Lyravlos and inspired by rhythmical and melodic elements of the ancient music. 20 musicologists and many scientists from all over the world discussed about the influence of ancient Greek music and of ancient Greece in general, to modern science.

16-7-2007 Athens: A Concert of Ancient Greek Music at the 6th European Pupil Competition in Greek. During the ceremony pupils from 17 European countries and Mexico were awarded for their achievement in the 6th Annual Competition of Pupils, with the subject : “Knowledge and Understanding of the Ancient Greek Language and the Ancient Greek Civilization”. The Competition is under the auspices of the President of the Greek Republic.

10-9-2007 Patras University: A concert of Ancient Greek Music and exhibition of instruments at the International Conference “Mutual Cultural Influences between Western Greece and Southern Italy”. The conference was organised by the prefecture of Western Greece and the Institute of Civilization and Life Quality (president: prof. Steph. Paipetis), at the Conference and Culture Centre of Patras University. Honored guest and central speaker was prof. Helen Glykatzi-Arweler.

11-9-2007 Athens: A concert of Ancient Greek Music and exhibition of ancient Greek instruments at an International Conference of Cardiologists.

28-9-2007 Athens: The “European Days of Cultural Heritage” is a top European cultural event is supported by the Commission of the EU and the Council of Europe. They aim at making the citizens of Europe more sensitive in protecting the cultural heritage, at strengthening the common European identity and at helping towards the creation of a fertile ground for an inter-cultural dialogue. Lyravlos Ensemble presented the musical show entitled “The Ancient Greek Music through Myth and History”, in front of numerous pupils, professors and archaeologists. The event was organised by the Greek Ministry of Culture – Department of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.

December 2007: A Documentary of the National Educational TV (Greek Ministry of Education) entitled “Harmony of Ancient Sounds” and directed by Tzanetos Comeneas. Pan. Stephos and the Lyravlos Ensemble had the responsibility of the soundtrack (interpretation of ancient Greek excerpts, original compositions, construction of ancient Greek instruments). This documentary is included in the program of Greek schools.

December 2007: The Foundation of the Greek Parliament on Democracy in co-operation with the Museum of Inscriptions organised the exhibition “The Parliament and the Citizens decided: Athenian Democracy speaks with its inscriptions”. Lyravlos was responsible for covering the musical part of the exhibition.


9-2-06 Art Centre of Chalandri : a concert at the International Conference “Marketing of Destinations and of Places of Events” (IMIC 2006)

16-3-06 Nakas Musical School : A Presentation of Ancient Greek Music and Instruments to students of Berkeley College of Music

15-6-06 Multimedia Culture Centre “Athenais : a concert at the Greek Conference of the Union of Physicists “Science and Art”

27-8-06 Museum of Ancient Olympia (hall of frontispieces) : a presentation of ancient Greek music and ancient Greek instruments at the International Symposium «Science and Technology in the Homeric Poems». Organisation: Workshop of Applied Mechanics, University of Patras, Institute of Culture and Quality of Life (president: prof. Steph. Paipetis).

21-9-06 A concert at the Scientific Conference of Metropolitan Hospital

22-9-06 Palace of Zappas A Concert at an International Conference

29,30-9-06 A presentation of the work “Let Music be our Vehicle to Travel in the Past, the Present and the Future”, at the Conference Centre of Thessalia : International Conference «Popular Culture and Education»

7-11-06 Megaron of Music, Athens , A participation of Lyravlos in the presentation of the new multimedia edition of the  «History of the Greeks», ed. DOME.

2-12-2006  Ianos Bookstore. Musical Act including narrated excerpts from Iliad and Odyssey (ed. Maistros), in the anonymous 1932 rendering to modern prose.

7-12-2006  Jordan. P. Stefos represented Greece at the International Musical Forum in Aqaba, about ancient harps (lyres). Mucisians from all over Europe and the Arabic world participated. Organisation:  Ministry of Culture (Jordan), UNESCO, European Commission in Jordan.

Photo (left to right): Andy Lowings, Luis Paniagua, Pan. Stefos – featuring the harp of Ur.

8-12-2006  Ο.Α.Κ.Α. Olympic Bicycle TrackA presentation of Ancient Greek Music and Ancient Greek instruments at the 2nd Educational Conference «Artistic Creation and Personal Fulfillment». Organisation : Synodical Committee of Artistic Events (Church of Greece).

16-12-2006  ThessalonikiNational Foundation of Agricultural ResearchMusical Participation to the event «The Magical Orchid of Chios». Organisation : Association of Chians in Thessaloniki ‘St. Markella’, Pref. Gov. of ChiosTown of ThermeFriends of the Balkan Flora.

 20-12-2006  Greek Ministry of Culture (Amphitheatre). A Concert at the Presentation of

the New Year’s Diary of the Ministry of Culture (under the supervision of Vivi Vasilopoulou, general director of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage),  by the Minister, George Voulgarakis.







24-2-05 Hamburg Concert and theatrical act in co-operation with local institutions

15-9-05 Delphi European Cultural Centre. A Concert and exhibition of ancient Greek instruments during the International Conference on «the economics of blood» .

17-19-21-9-05 Palace of ZappasConcerts during International Conferences.

22-9-05 Votanicos A Concert during an international Conference.

23-9-05 Multimedia Cultural Centre “Athenais” A Concert during the European Medical Conference «From Parents to Children». OrganisationChildren Mental Hospital of the Medical School (University of Athens)Children Hospital «St. Sophia», Greek Association for the Mental Health of ChildrenAssociation for the Mental and Social Health of Children and Adolescents (Ε.Ψ.Υ.Π.Ε.)

24-9-05 Saint George Lykabettus Hotel A Presentation of Ancient Greek Music and Instruments to the members of National Geographic.

8) 16-10-05 Washington: Corcoran Gallery

9) 16-12-05 Panteion UniversityLyravlos presented Hydravlis and other 20 ancient Greek instruments at the Annual Conference of International Justice and International Relations.

10) 20-12-05 Marousi, Town HallA concert at the University Conversation «Environment and Culture – A Contribution to Peace».


FEBRUARY [21] 2004 / Concert at the “Dance Theatre Roes” Participation in the festivities organized by the theatre with the title Dia-Roes.

NOVEMBER 2003 / Concert for educational purposes in “Marasleio” school.

DECEMBER 2003/ Educational concert at the Athens American College.

JANUARY 2004 / Seminar at the Music School “Horizons” – Athens.

JANUARY 2004 / Concert and Presentation for educational purposes at the 3rd High School in Alimos.

MARCH 2004 / Concert for educational purposes at the 1rst High School in Alimos.

MARCH [20] 2004 / Concert at the Plastic Arts Workshop “Leschi” in Keramikos.

MARCH [22] 2004 / Concert and educational seminar during festivities organized by the University of Ioannina.

MARCH [25] 2004 / Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Panayiotis Stefos, in cooperation with George Chatzimichelakis the composer of the music for the ceremony, creates the sound environment with the use of conch-shells and the priestesses brandish the seistron in the final part of the ceremony.

More on Lyravlos’ participation in the organisation of the Athens 2004 Olympics

APRIL [3-4] 2004 / Educational concerts in Greek and Swedish schools in Stockholm and URSA. Presentation of Ancient Greek Music during the painting exhibition of works by Gianni Karydakis at the cultural club in the city of Ursa.

APRIL [21-22-23-24] 2004 / Brussels. Concerts in different venues such as the European School, the Anderlecht Cathedral and the historic hall Senghor. The events were organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Hellenic Cultural Institution, the Greek embassy etc.

MAY [3-4] 2004 / Volos. Music Theatre of Volos. Concerts at the Old Electric and the Town Theatre of Volos.

MAY [8] 2004 / Constantinople. The Play “Moskov-Selim” by Vizyenos. A theatrical play performed by the theatrical group of the town of Alimos directed by Varvara Douka and presented at the Great School of the Nation in Fanari. The Music was composed and played by Panayiotis Stefos.

MAY [14] 2004 / Zefiri. Cultural club of Zefiri in Attica. Festivity for the Olympic Education.

MAY [17] 2004/ ALIMOS. Theatrical play “Moskov-Selim” by Vizyenos. The performance was given by the theatrical group of the Town of Alimos the direction was by Varvara Douka.

MAY [20-21] 2004 / WARSAW. Concert in the Opera House of Warsaw and the Historic Museum. The concerts were organized to celebrate the entrance of Poland in the European Union in the festival ‘Ode to Europe’ under the auspices of the Polish government, the Greek ministry of Culture and the Greek Embassy in Warsaw.

MAY [26-27-28] 2004 / HANIA. Presentation of the Ancient Greek Music and Ancient Greek Musical Instruments at Neorion [Old Port]. Hundreds of children from different educational levels experienced the sound and the music of the Ancient Greek instruments. The sound environment was created with the use of conch-shells and seistron and escorted the MINOAN VESSEL as it sailed off the harbor.

JUNE [9] 2004 / HILTON HOTEL ATHENS. Performance during the graduation ceremony of the University of INDIANAPOLIS.

JUNE [14] 2004 / SAINT CATHERINE COLLEGE, ATHENS. Educational concert.

JUNE [16] 2004 / SORBONNE, PARIS. Concert at the central, historic amphitheatre of the University of Sorbonne in order to celebrate 110 years from the revival of the Olympic Games by Baron Pierre de Coubertin and Dimitrios Vikellas. The event took place under the auspices of the French ministry of culture and athletics, the French Municipality, Athens Municipality, the Greek Embassy in Paris, the president of Sorbonne Mr. Jean Robert Piget and was organized by Mr. George Archimandrites, the representative of the French-Greek Culture club ‘Delphos’.

JULY [9] 2004 / Village AKONDISMA, in Nea Karvali, Kavala. Participation in the International Folk Festival ‘SUN AND ROCK’. Organized by the Prefecture of Kavala , the Municipality of Kavala and the cultural house of Nea Karvali.

JULY [11] 2004/ Theatre Mon Repot in Corfu. Seminar and concert for the Summer Music Academy of the department of Music Studies in the Ionian University.

JULY [23] 2004 / LAVRIO. Concert during the festivities Kentavria 2004, at the Old Machine-works. Organized by: The Municipality of Lavrion and the Hellenic centre of Art and Culture.

AUGUST 2004 / Participation in the festivities for the Olympic games in the Olympic Athens on the 15-16-20 August. Concerts were given in Plaka, at the ‘Hellenic Association for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage’. 23-24-26-27-28 at the ‘Museum of Folk Musical Instruments’

AUGUST [22] 2004 / ZAPPEIO MEGARON ATHENS. A music composition composed by Theodoros Antoniou during the opening of the art exhibition with works from Efthimios Varlamis under the title ‘Mother Olympias – the power of love’ was presented by a small group with Ancient Greek instruments and was directed by Mr. Panayiotis Stefos.

AUGUST [3] 2004 / Corfu ‘Rhapsody of the Sea- Odyssey1’. The composition and direction of the text was by: Thanos Michalas. The music composition and performance was by Panayiotis Stefos.

AUGUST [8-9-10] 2004 / VOLOS. A Multi-show ‘Argonauts’. A big production of art events for the Athens Olympics. Production: The Centre of Music Theatre of the town of Volos and ‘Athens 2004’The music was by Dimitrios Maragopoulos and the Czech Theatre Laterna Magica. Lyravlos was one of the music ensembles that participated in this big event.

SEPTEMBER [17] 2004 / Ceremony for the Athens Paralympics at the Olympic Stadium of Athens. Panayiotis Stefos participates with his group ‘Anemos’

OCTOBER [23] 2004/ Art Place Veria. A concert was given as part of the festivities ‘Philippia 2004’ organized by the ‘Association of Study and Spread of Hellenic Word of the Prefecture of Imathias’ and the municipality of Veria.


FEBRUARY [13] 2003 / German Goethe Institute. Composers from Greece and other countries write music for the Ancient Musical Instruments. A big concert is organized with the co-operation of Greek Composer’s Union.

FEBRUARY [4&6] 2003 / Concerts and seminars are given in BOSTON UNIVERSITY USA and CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY in Montreal, Canada.

MAY [15-16-17] 2003 / Concert in Brussels at the “Museum of Musical Instruments” and at the “Royal Museum of Art and History” organized by the Greek Ministry of Culture.









MAY [7] 2003 / Concert during cultural festivities “Eleftheria” in Alexandroupoli Greece.

MAY 2003/ Concert for educational purposes to primary school students in Eleusina. The concert took place at the archeological site of Eleusina.

JUNE [5] 2003 / Concert and seminar at the International Stockholm Early Music Festival. For the first time the Ancient Greek Music ensemble meets with the Renaissance and Middle Ages ensembles.


JUNE 2003/ PNYKA. Festival on the Greek Language under the auspices of the President of the Greek Republic and organized by the cultural organization “Elliniki Glossiki Klironomia” with the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Culture from all European countries.


JULY [12] 2003/ Concert and seminar within the scope of the festivities of The International Festival of Petra.

JULY [3] 2003 /Concert at the “Psycharis” gallery.

AUGUST [9] 2003/ Concert in Montreal, Canada.

SEPTEMBER [10] 2003 / SAINOPOYLEION AMPHITHEATRE IN SPARTA Participation in the festivities in honor of the American author Steven PRESSFIELD because of the worldwide success of his book “Gates of Fire”

SEPTEMBER [21] 2003 / Chios. At the HOMERION Cultural Centre of the municipality of Chios. Conference on Homer. Introduction by P.Stefos on “Music in Homer”, Ancient Greek music recitation of Homeric epics and rhapsodies accompanied with ancient Greek instruments.



SEPTEMBER [24] 2003 / “Aeschylia” festival in Eleusina. Concert, music composition and performance of an excerpt of the work of Aeschylus “Choephori” Directed by R. Kapetanaki, performed by the theatrical group “Muse Politropos”


OCTOBER [26] 2003/ MEGARON – ATHENS CONCERT HALL. “Ancient Greek Music in Myths and History” An event organized within the scope of the festivities SUNDAY MORNINGS IN MEGARON



OCTOBER [26] 2003/ MEGARON – ATHENS CONCERT HALL. “Ancient Greek Music in Myths and History” An event organized within the scope of the festivities SUNDAY MORNINGS IN MEGARON







APRIL 2002 / Concert at the Petroupoli Cultural Centre.

JUNE 2002 / PETRA FESTIVAL Panayiotis Stefos presents the performance “LYRODE” A music presentation where Lyric Poetry and Ancient Greek Music are combined.

SUMMER 2002 / “Aspida” by Menandros. Adapted and directed by George Mardas.







SEPTEMBER [20-21] 2002 / First “All Biotia Feats” – The ancient Pentathlon was revived in the Stadium of Aliartos in Biotia. The musical instruments encourage with their beat the athletes during the games.

DECEMBER 2002 / Concert at the music theatre “Phones”


NOVEMBER 2001 / Participation in the Lighting of the Olympic Flame for the Winter Olympics in SALT LAKE CITY.


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