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Note : Lyravlos' members do not participate in all appearances. According to the kind of concert, educational program, etc., there is a choice of the proper scheme of the ensemble  - Cf. information on the kinds of events covered by Lyravlos

Panayiotis Stefos

Panayiotis Stefos lives and works in Athens.

He had his first contact with music when he was 13 years old, at the Philharmonic of St. Anargyroi in Attica, when Paraskevas Gousetis was the director. The next year starts his studies at the Athens Conservatoire learning trombone in the class of the distinguished professor An. Kypraios. Th. Vavagiannis and K. Kydoniatis were his professors in the theory of music. He also studied theory, chamber and choir music with Al. Aenian. He graduated in 1977 with top grades and the first award by solid vote. In 1973 he was selected for the World Youth Orchestra under Zubin Mehta. He attended trombone and chamber music classes in Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Sweden. He was distinguished as a leading trombone player in the National Orchestra of Athens, the Orchestra of the Greek National Opera as well as in Manos Hatzidakis' Orchestra of Colors. He has participated and worked with many musical groups and has appeared in important music festivals in the country or abroad. He is a founding member of the well known quintet "Melos Brass". He has worked with many important composers such as Hatzidakis, Theodorakis, Savvopoulos, Mikroutsikos, Adamis, Antoniou, Karakatsanis, Kouroupos, Kypourgos, etc. 


Pan. Stefos has specialized in performing modern music. More than 10 Greek composers have written and devoted their works to him. He taught trombone in the Pindaric Conservatoire from 1981 to 1988 and in Phil. Nakas Conservatoire from 1988 to 1998. Another important study of his is on Panpipe, under Sedje Hemon in Holland. His work on this instrument is presented in the CD "Panos Stefos - Syrinx".

The chapter of Ancient Greek Music opened for P. Stefos 20 years ago, and he concentrated on that, not only studying the theory of Ancient Greek Music but also reconstructing most of the Ancient Greek Instruments, emphasizing the research of the way those instruments are to be played. The greatest advantage of his work is its many-sidedness, since the same person is a researcher, constructor and musician. This is a rare combination that allows P. Stefos to have a spherical view of Ancient Greek Music, a view that permits a safe approach in re-vitalizing this music. The creation of the ensemble LYRAVLOS was the culmination and crowning of all this research and the means by which he will test and put in practice the product of his work as well as achieve contact with the general public.

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