By giving concerts in international conferences, organised in Greece or abroad, Lyravlos takes advantage of the opportunity to present the Greek cultural tradition (ancient and modern), to members of these conferences coming from all over the world. 

Shows combining music and dance - Orchestra of Ancient Greek Instruments

Ancient DramaSet of ConchesOrchestra of Traditional Instruments

Exhibition of 30 reconstructed ancient Greek instruments.


Proposals for Conferences

Lyravlos offers a wide range of experiences having as their centre the ancient Greek and traditional music. The audience will have the chance to feel a unique experience. They will listen to the surviving ancient Greek music as well as hymns of the ancient Christianity, songs of the borders of the Byzantine Empire (akritika), and traditional/popular songs (demotika) covering a period of 2500 years. Besides this, they will be able to see and touch a series of 40 reconstructed authentic instruments as is the lyre , varvitos, kitharis, phorminx, pandoura, diavlus, syrinx of Pan, bone-flutes , seistra, krotala, drums, conches, pipes, tsampouna, zourna, etc.

The concert can be accompanied by slide presentation as well as with comprehensive information on the theory and the spirit in general of the ancient Greek music. The members of Lyravlos have the flexibility to play all these instruments mentioned above, and to dance, to wear masks, playing excerpts of ancient Greek tragedy.

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